What object is king of the classroom?
The ruler!

Kids love learning with kool school!

Kool School is an impact based education platform that gets kids excited about learning and keeps them asking for more!

Our courses are child-led, to help kids stay engaged and learn on their own terms

We use International and Top 40 music to help reinforce subject content

We teach all subjects from math, english and science to health and career exploration

and we teach these subjects through diverse and relatable storylines


Enjoy School Like Never Before!

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What People Are Saying

About Kool School

“I LOVE these lessons!! Super entertaining and cute. The Kool School encompasses the direction education’s heading and I’m glad to see a new creative approach to teaching our children.

— Lori Benson San Bernadino County Office of Education, CA

My daughter has ADHD and prefers to be “edutained” with her math and english lessons. These episodes have helped her in school.

-Notiosha D’Addabbo, AZ Home Schooling Association

This series is for educational entertainment purposes only, and not produced with intent to replace or substitute standardized pedagogical practices.