Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kool School?

Kool School is a fun and innovative arts learning tool for students in grades K-5.

How does it work?

Kool School is a subscription-based platform with three tiers of subscription: Site Administrators, Teachers, and Homeschooling Parents & Students.

Administrators are able to access teacher accounts to view how often Kool School is being utilized during instruction times. This role is tailored specifically toward data collection to ensure the platform is being used to its full potential!

Teachers will be given a unique login which allows them to access videos at any time. This allows each teacher to plan and utilize videos that support their subject area and lesson plans.

Students are able to access the full Kool School learning library through a homeschool subscription. If students do not have a homeschool subscription, they are able to access only a limited library of videos via the Kool School website and public domains, such as youtube, while outside of school.

Who uses it?

Kool School can be utilized by anyone! It was created specifically for K-5 educators, children and parents who homeschool their kids.

How do they use it?

Kool School is used by accessing our content online.

Why should you use Kool School?

Kool School offers alternative learning experiences to children, and is very beneficial to students attending “arts poor” schools.

When do they use it?

Whenever you want! Our videos are used to introduce, summarize and support cross-curricular content, so access is available 24/7.

How do we access the Kool School content?

Kool School is designed to offer the highest impact on each campus. The platform can be accessed via a “Room License”, which is granted by the number of classroom(s) at each site. The license allows each teacher to integrate Kool School to their entire student base, which averages 20+ students per day.

Each license is offered in a “seasonal” format. Each season will provide over 40 brief impact teaching videos, three-to-five minutes in length that reinforce cross-curricular learning.

Not ready for a full license yet?

Teachers can access limited content through our free sign-in on the website or through YouTube. These cross-curricular sample episodes are offered to help give just a taste of what Kool School can provide. 

Contact us and find out what Kool School can do for your students today.

This series is for educational entertainment purposes only, and not produced with intent to replace or substitute standardized pedagogical practices.